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Keeping in mind the diverse nature of Indian Cultural History and its intricate archaeological problems, the need for an independent organization in the form of Society was necessary thus The Indian Archaeological Society came into existence in 1968. This was the only way, the cause of Archaeology could be better served and the evidence from excavated sites and other sources could be fully exploited.

India's abundant ancient heritage impresses the world with her abundance and vigor. To fulfill the great need of the hour in creating awareness and pride of our heritage among all our citizens and visitors to our country "Centre for Research and Training in History, Archaeology & Palaeo-Environment" under the Indian Archaeological Society have come forward to lead the task. The Centre has also been given recognition by the University Grants Commission to conduct Refresher Courses in Archaeology. Lecturers of Universities and Colleges in India and abroad may write to us.

We also conduct part time courses in History of Art, Architecture, Cutural Tourism etc. for general public.