Aims & Objectives

  • To promote and organise interdisciplinary studies of Indian history and culture and to provide a common platform for scholars engaged in the study of history, archaeology, philosophy, languages, linguistics, sociology, anthropology and other allied disciplines who directly or indirectly deal with Indian history and culture.
  • To execute a programme of publications of academic journals, books, magazines and periodicals of general informative and educational nature.
  • To organise annual conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and discussion meetings for academic purposes.
  • To undertake such activities which help the overall cause of correctly projecting Indian history and culture.
  • To establish liaison with distinguished scholars pursuing serious studies in Indology.
  • To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities of Awareness Programmes, Adult Education Classes, Lectures, Essay Competitions, Exhibitions, Symposium, Cultural Programmes, Press Conferences and Seminars.
  • To promote fine art, crafts among the public including establishment and maintenance of Shilpa-Shikshalayas, Kala-Kendras (relating to music, dance and modelling) etc.
  • To assist and co-operate the other association, society and the various NGO whose aims are same like this society.