Other activities


  1. Ancient Indo-Roman Trade (March, 2002)
  2. A lecture was delivered by Dr. Sunil Gupta of Allahabad Museum in March, 2002. He highlighted the main sites of Indo-Roman Trade in ancient India.

  3. Medieval Archaeology:  An Interface on Fatehpur Sikri (11th May, 2002)
  4. A one-day workshop on ‘Medieval Archaeology: An Interface on Fatehpur Sikri’ was organised on 11th May, 2002 by the History and Culture Society in collaboration with the Indian Archaeologi­cal Society.
    The workshop was dedicated to the memories of the departed souls of Prof. B.R. Grover, Dr. Ajaymitra Shastri, Dr. K.S. Lal and Prof. B.P. Sinha.

  5. Taj-Mahal: An Architecture Splendour (23rd October,  2002)
  6. The History and Culture Society organised a lecture on 23rd October on ‘Taj Mahal – An Architectural Splendour’ by Prof. R. Nath, an authority on Mughal Architecture. Dr. S.P. Gupta gave the introductory speech and discussed about the technical and engineering aspects of the great monuments. 

  7. Battle for the Past  (14th September, 2004)
  8. Dr. S.P. Gupta of The Indian Archaeological Society gave a brief background note of the main issues involved in the topic, such as the Politics of History, Change of Syllabus, Problem of updating History Text books of NCERT, etc. He further emphasised the need for research-based textbooks against the ideology-oriented text-books.

  9. Buddhist Art & Architecture (11th November, 2006)
  10. The History and Culture Society, in collaboration with the Indian Archaeological Society and the Buddhist Studies Centre of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College, Delhi University, organised a one-day workshop on Buddhist Art and Architecture on 11th November 2006. The venue was the seminar room of the Indian Archaeological Society. Around 120 students of the college attended the workshop.

  11. Medieval Delhi: Some Aspects of History, Culture and Archaeology (5th December, 2008)
  12. The History and Culture Society organised a workshop on 'Medieval Delhi: Some Aspects of History, Culture and Archaeology’ on December 5, 2008 in the premises of the Indian Archaeological Society. Principals of several colleges and faculty members of different universities including a large number of students of Indian history and archaeology were participated the workshop.