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The Journal of Indian Ocean Archaeology aims to attract latest archaeological field researches and interpretative thought on the human past of the Indian Ocean world, a region stretching from the Red Sea to the south China Sea, incorporating all the old world civilizations like the Egyptian, south Arabian, Mesopotamian, Harappan, Gangetic and Southeast Asian. The scope of the journal is very wide since the Indian Ocean itself is very wide. The seas, the gulfs and the bays of this ocean touch many countries of the northern and southern hemisphere. Apart from the vast Indian coastline, the countries of the east coast of Africa, Arab-Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, the Gulf of Thailand, the Sulawesi Sea and the South China Sea have been major factors in shaping the history of West Asia, South and Southeast Asia as well as the Far East. The Journal of Indian Ocean Archaeology emphasizes that the roots of many Asian and African cultures lie deeply buried in the cross-currents of not only trade in material items but also in the movement of peoples with their own technologies and belief systems. The Journal of Indian Ocean Archaeology is an Indian journal with an international perspective dealing with the historical processes through which cultures grew in the countries bordering the Indian Ocean from the Red Sea to the South China Sea; the processes which joined them together and made them share each other’s achievements in science and technology, literature and philosophy, social norms and cultural ethos, trading practices and exchange rates and many other items of human endeavor.



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